Seductive Mechanizm| KIRAN-X

23 May 2011

Pixel Ink Gallery presents SEDUCTIVE MECHANIZM a body of new stencil works by KIRAN-X.

“I’m interested in how people are used in the construction of advertising imagery, models are dieted, composed, photo manipulated and hyper sensualised to endorse products of want, from desire. What fascinates me is not the product but the process in which the imagery is engineered and how models are robotically mechanized,” says KIRAN-X.

The exhibition is themed around a reverse engineered collection of advertising imagery pulled apart and reassembled to illustrate a series of new works that focus on the visual mechanical elements of desire.


When: Runs from the 1st of June – 26th June

Where: Pixel Ink Gallery, 219 Cuba Street, Wellington.

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