Lovers of Vintage Rejoice! One more step til Wonderland…

21 December 2009

Gran’s Loose Change is going to be your new best friend. I’m sure of it. Born out of two friends’ combined passion of vintage, originality, the nab of a bargain and fresh, local design, Gran’s Loose Change will be your number one online portal for predominantly second-hand fashion, jewellery and furniture.

Gran's Loose Change Online Vintage

While the store will also sell artwork and shoes the focus first and foremost is on second-hand clothing, jewellery and furniture. And the girls behind Gran’s Loose Change are super excited to announce that New Zealand jewellery designers d-luxe are also on board.

The intention was to start locally, in Mount Maunganui, as there is a large following of second hand lovers in the area, however the opportunity to open a national online store arose and the team behind Gran’s Loose Change thought “Why the eff not?!”

Buyers have been working around the country sourcing stock from small-town op shops to dragging their sorry butts out of bed for 6am garage sales, to spending nine hour nights on Trade Me, e-Bay and international online stores. Believe me, if you want vintage without the hassle of having to find it yourself, Gran’s Loose Change needs to be bookmarked ASAP!

Gran's Loose Change Online VintageGran's Loose Change Online Vintage

Buying second hand products online in New Zealand has become something of a chore – Trade Me is in excess of individuals selling second hand and vintage products and many are overlooked or missed because of the effort it takes to trawl through pages and pages of listings.

Gran’s Loose Change is an easy to use, clear and concise online store where you can spend as little as five minutes to find the piece you’ve spent months looking for! And unlike real life stores that slip the word ‘vintage’ in front of a blouse, or leather skirt and up the prices tenfold, Gran’s Loose Change sells stock only for what the girls would realistically pay for second-hand themselves. It’s not going to be your 50c bargain bin but it won’t break the bank either – and it’s quick and effortless. Makes perfect sense really!

The store is set to launch on January 21st after months of promising ‘it’s coming soon’ – it really is, coming soon!

As a new venture with really big plans, the team behind Gran’s Loose Change welcome your feedback, thoughts, suggestions, rants and raves so be sure to get in touch if you have anything to say.

Follow the progress here – and make sure to become a fan on Facebook – launch party details and online specials will be sent out to all those on the fan base. You snooze you lose!

So, what do you think about all this?