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Petition | No More Grey Walls

If you support the use of the street-scape to promote and cultivate the character of your community, then please sign this petition.

In an environment which we all lay claim to, whose voice is it that should prevail? Should it be just a single voice? If not, then how come we, the people that populate them, are subject to a tireless monologue of ad talk inerspliced by the odd piece of functional information (Toilets, Exit, etc)?

The streets belong to the people who use them. The people who live, play, work, party, lounge and look after them. Yes, streets need looking after. They need on the ground advocates who recognise that the importance of their environment is displayed not through property values, but by the palpable, living, breathing ambience of them. Their character!

Central to this idea of character is the element of sovereignty, evidence that people either as individuals or groups feel connected to their neighbourhood. That they not only feel a sense of community but that they’re inclined to actively contribute to it. These people are the advocates. Ads for lost pets, rent parties, gigs by bands you’ve never heard of and will probably never see. These A4´s run off at the uni copy centre, local library or home inkjet are artefacts of a society that still wants to communicate with each other and counts the street as a means in which to do this.

And so it is for art and artists. Especially those that want to cultivate some form of dialogue. Dialogue suggests exchange. It is not one person talking and the rest listening. It is a dynamic, changing and responsive activity that furthers thinking and promotes understanding. Grey walls are not indicative of dialogue. They talk about inactivity, about a lack of engagement.

We are not prepared to let those that sit in city council or ad agencies determine the face of our community, not when our choices are between grey walls and billboards.

Oscar Low

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http://blog.askew1.com/2011/03/super-city-censorship/ – Askew’s side of the story
http://95bfm.com/default,198784.sm – BFM interview with Askew
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wuBmVFJ6b0 – Rob Shields on graffiti
http://publicaddress.net/hardnews/the-wall-and-the-paper/ – Russell Brown’s Hard News
http://tvnz.co.nz/media7/s6-e7-video-4070508 – Len Brown talking to Russell Brown
http://dubdotdash.blogspot.com/2011/03/so-fresh-so-clean.html – Review of the above Len Brown interview

Use this shortlink to share the petition – http://wp.me/Pzug2-1nQ

Sign the petition

No More Grey Walls
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Total Signatures Confirmed - 1097

Regan Vause,
I completely agree.

And the city said you can have as much colour in your city as long as it is Grey

Katie jones,

Jonathan Bardsley,

Enough Grey, colour should stay! I agree with the petition

Michelle Heighway,

I hope this goes through!!! To much censorship as it is from the local government.

Elliot O\'Donnell,

Vera Alves,

J Bluevibe,
This is our city and it's so important to remind the people we voted in what kind of city we want to live in. My kids want inspiration and vitality around them.

murry sweetpants,
like the man said - 'keep the wall grey and the mind will follow'

Jodi Walters,
If we're going to let big corporates put their hideous stencils all over Auckland then we might as well let the people who are actually good at art put it up for everyone to see.

Sabrina Ventresca,

Felix Toepfer,

Auckland needs some vibrancy, not grey walls!

Andrew Hughes,

removing the mural was an act of vandalism in itself, stop taking away character from our city!

....more art di betta

Grey sucks balls, bring on the graff !!

"paint the walls grey and the mind will follow" Street art makes cities around the world interesting. Please take the time to work out the difference between tagging and street art, educate not eradicate.

Rose Steele,

Josh Preston,
Please support public art and artists.

Peter McLennan,
Dear Len Brown, if you want to portray yourself as the hip-hop friendly mayor from South Auckland, please stop eradicating hiphop graffiti art. Savage aint down with that.

"Keep the wall grey and the mind will follow"

gary john,

Chuck Dini,
Fight the power

The Auckland City Council should be made accountable for their ILLEGAL removal of the mural. Their actions were against the law and they should be punished, by paying Askew and other TMD artists to repaint the mural once again, and donating towards the Christchurch Earthquake as well. Down with evil anti-graffiti red tape bollocks!

'keep the wall grey and the mind will follow'.

Anya Merryfield,
The destruction of public art shows a forest for the trees approach to policy by a council so obviously not representing the views of its constituency.

shaun jones,

David Roos,

Hamish Keith,
and we need a register of murals and they need to be tag proofed

we're all here to leave behind a trace, be that permanent or temporary. the earth and our existence on it is finite - even the greatest empires have fallen. so we get one chance at the idea of change and progression - remember that we're the reason governmental bodies get elected, not the other way around.

Blank walls are boring! Petition ftw, we will be spreading the word hard.

Ruth Gayford,
Good on you Cut Collective :)



Vaughn Davis,

kairau bradley,
I feel they are trying to wipe out a sub culturea, and going the bitch way about it. that mural would have never been touched had it been a different subject matter and done with paint brush. Its sad that all the corporates that use graffiti to sell arnt here to back us up when we need it.


Jeff Smith,
I'm not sure that this is the same type of graffiti that you're used to battling with Len...

Hazel Heron,
street art is beautiful and it is a voice of the artistic community.

Valentine Watkins,
Art makes this city worth living in. Anyone who doesn't support it doesn't get my vote

Morgan hammond,
Being a long-term resident of Auckland and a long-term supporter of the arts, the last thing I want for our city is blank grey walls.

Baruk Feddabonn,

tin robinson,
"the council sucks bro"

Jade Tang,
It's a basic human right; Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. (See Article 19: http://www.amnesty.org.nz/article-19-view-art1)

Hayden Eastmond-Mein,

Daniel Gordon,

I find all the sex and liquor advertising on my walk to work extremely offensive. Surely art is far more important for our youth to be exposed to instead of sex & liquor advertising... what sort of society are they trying to create?


it seems people need to stop following outdated laws and ideas and actually question their reasoning. times are a'changing and so should policy and attitudes. colour is the new black - let it be.






Jacob Moore,

Ashlie Martin,
So much more beautiful than just plain walls. Cultivate this city and its people

Cleo Barnett,

Zach Becroft,

Lara Fischel-Chisholm,
Grey is only for trackpants

Nick Fracture,


Olivia Laita,

Lucy Slater,
More public art in auckland please

Briar Naysmith,

Daniel Miller,
Welcome to the police state, it's not coming, it's here!!!

Raymond Sagapolutele,
More artist defined spaces makes for a much happier cultural collective

Support street art and free expression! It's the lifeblood of the city.

toby marris,
grey walls and historical scenes? what happened to Vibrant Urban City ? Bring back Colour and well executed Walls!

Douglas Angus,


Summer Wharekawa,
keep the diversity of our beautiful, vibrant city - no more grey walls!

Jarrod Wright,
Spray away the grey

blair anderson,

Jack C.,

What they gonna do next, paint all the trees and flowers grey too?


Katie Barry,

Let the community choose what it should look like.

Tony P,
Seeing the Poynton Terrrace mural painted over the other week has sparked sooo much anger and fustration inside of me towards this council. arrrggghhhhhhhh!!

Sarah Leota,
I don't want my children to grow up with grey walls and grey minds.


Camilla Andersen,
I 100% agree.

Hana Dignan,

Luke Shirlaw,
Support the arts.

Enforce One,
Someone within the Auckland City Council messed with the wrong wall (Poynton) and exploited their power. After they tried to manipulate and dictate the situation, the truth has been exposed. Now the subject matter is out in the open, here's the chance to voice our opinions.

George Vodanovich,


phillip melville,



Niki Caro,

emilie howell,

Vibrancy makes for stimulation of the cortex thus discouraging zombies

Oliver Penny,






andrew lister,

Our city should reflect our culture an, by extension, our art... Our wall are art galleries for ALL people.


There is no comparison to the feeling and culture artists bring to city scapes. If you want to view grey walls then paint your own damn house this colour and be prepared to be bored and dulled by it!

Victoria Liew,


Briar Drummond,

Boyd Wason,
No to council censorship of art space

Renee Moyle,

Justin McLean,

Shame on you Rob Shields.


Emily Coubray,
Graffiti is pretty

Grey = Boring!

Katrina Duncan,


Ross Liew,
Like Brian Tamaki said... Enough Is Enough!

Maiko Miyazaki,

Takako Matsuki,


ikoiko Auckland,

Shaun Newman,


Rufus McEwan,

Jarrod Baker,


Geraldene Peters,
street murals the world over are recognised and supported as artistic practice of, by, for the communities that live there - the ACC needs to move beyond the rhetoric of an 'our place' brand, and keep it real

The best cities in the world have a healthy, world-class street art scene. Enough Grey Auckland!


Felicity Perry,

Brent Jackson,
Murals for everyone

chris gould,
in a city of grey sidewalks, concrete masonry and greywall do we need more grey? basically what it comes down to is a majority of conformity, uniform painted walls and the hardstance against graffiti by those who class 'graffiti' in one stereotype or category ,vs. the creative minded who would prefer a cityscape of vibrancy and intrigue, people always have to have something to complain about.

"the vision for this city is something that extends beyond a right of bureaucrats and politicians – it’s a right we all share" -Askew
Couldn't have said it better!

R Hickman,




If I spent time and money on something and the council took it away without cause, I'd be fuming. There should be a public apology and compensation. Paint doesn't come cheap.

samuel walker,
It seems that Len Brown can not control his team...Rob Smith being the proverbial tail that is wagging the dog...

Katie Morton,


Please preserve the amazing street art scene of Auckland. From Detroit with love......



Laurence Arlidge,


Jackie Rosewarne,
Concrete city needs beautiful artwork like this!!!

Hannah Thompson,
What happened in the instance which has prompted this was gross misconduct on the behalf of the council. This was essentially destruction of private property, which if perpetrated on council property would be considered criminal. It should never be allowed to happen again.

Nathan Gelston,
This is ridiculous, as it has been pointed out already ASKEW & other artists have been painting murals on this wall for ten years... what the council are doing is the same as if they went out with cans of spray paint and defaced the mural, which any normal person would be arrested for.

Buffing can never be the solution...
Offer legal walls instead of making a city numb by "cleaning" it...

Hugo Tichborne,
Council censorship... I say no! The Super City can't become the Super Dull City.

Phil Lewis,

Johanna Hood,


Andrew Wadsworth,
What the council has done basically amounts to deliberate vandalism, similar action should be taken with regards to this situation as is in other cases, fines and legal action!

Fuck grey walls


Mikaere Curtis,
Grey the walls and the mind will follow


Adam V,
Censorship is for the weak minded. Our cities need more character!

Cory Davis,
Let graffiti live!!

Victor Suarez,
Keep it doing art!

Andy Pickering,
Street art is beautiful


Chris Lyden,

Ellen Farrell,
Keep the city creative and colourful please.

Rebecca Lawson,

Helena T,

Gray walls sucks! FromVENEZUELA

jake jones,
bring the wall back to life, it looks dead...

josh squash,
This is despicable behaviour.

Daniel Lahoda,
I value freedom of expression. Please protect your country's invaluable intellectual property. Preserve what you have left and enjoy the future of your talented artists.

Alex White,
Signed in blood

Terence Tolbert,
Let It Run!..


It's stupid that a petition is even necessary for this. The town cares more about its image than its people. This needs to be stopped.


louise schlachter,
dear "powers that be" love aesthetic / vs / tictakeee spamee / educate 2 See / support those who, willing to give, soul spray, ...

josh awesome,

Chris Zombolas,


Whoever's in charge of the buff has got no clue. Keep the styles flowing!

Chelsea Austin,
completely back this!

Jonathan Scholes,
Murals add color and life to an otherwise boring grey wall. I think its disgusting that commissioned works from fantastic artists are being buffed illegally. The work is beautiful. This has to stop. Good luck.

Kate James,
Yes. Keep our communities connected (and interesting) with public artworks

Becks Silke,
My heart broke when I heard about the latest instance, this is not acceptable!

Ben Aitogi,
So is it "down with the brown"? or up with the grey? Love your work, Len *add sarcasm*


TAG, you're it.

Brian Udall,

stop the buff!!!!!

Abbie Rutledge,

Diogo Sales,

Loved the article by McAllister. Could have written it myself; have thought many times of doing so. What so many people miss is the difference between art graffiti and tagging, which is rather like dogs peeing on lamp posts. The powers behind the destruction of graffiti art are middle aged, but that is no excuse. I'm definitely an oldie, being 74, but, the greyness of our sity saddens me. In Spain I have seen political slogans painted around to be kept!

More imagination, more colour, I say.

Self explanatory. Grey is boring. Murals like these are beautiful.

They should have to pay for the paint wasted and the time spent repainting that masterpiece.


Tim Webber,

David Cruz,
Grey go AWAY!!

'Keep the walls grey and the mind will follow'

Isaac Taylor,
I'm all for this.

Lachlan Stuckey,
This issue borders on fascism, wake up


Lisa Te Cool,

Janelle Mclaughlan,


Rolling over that artwork is f*cking criminal.


Hey askew come back to the d sometime man. Shits crazy.

theo huval,
dont hate appreciate

bryce anderson,
theres so much effort put into buffing these days, it really is absurd alot more people appreciate a beautiful wall rather then, a blank grey wall, they close down walls and then end up a whole lot worse cause no one can take there time, the walll will end up just getting thrashed. if they had half a brain they woiuld of left the beautiful burners, but there morons.

The robocop must fall

scrap wall,
paint the town red


Jordan Bosland,

A bland auckland council imposing their stagnent ideas on the central city. Go back to Botany, Mayor Brown.

Selena Gerzic,

Jack Goertz,

all art, even graffiti, is beautiful.


Keen to see the colors/art over the grey walls

Nikki Whyte,

Melissa Crockett,
I host a lot of journalists for Tourism NZ, promoting great parts of the city. In the last month I had a Chinese film crew who requested to view and film graffiti art around Auckland City, and last week I hosted a travel writer for The Times (UK) who asked to visit grafitti art in Ponsonby and K'Rd. he was writing about an Insider's Guide to Auckland - for people visiting during RWC. He was very enthusiastic about graffiti art and is planning to include locations of good work around the city. He (and I) would be horrified if it was grey washed out by RWC time!

Alex Patterson,

campbell taylor,
nothing worse than a bucket of buff.

Alex V,
Art never hurt nobody.

Piers Lembke,



Dylan Reeve,

Grey walls suck .... piece em up

David Cervantes,
no bigs walls grey, Yes big walls live


Serena Tam,

John Han,
No more grey walls!


Aaron VIII,
Everything is grey here
nobodies having fun
dirty concrete all over
smog obscures the sun

K Boonzaier,


Nathan Coates,
I love coming to Auckland and seeing vibrant murals... the council needs to learn to make the distinction between art and tagging, both very different things!

More colour please. But lets not graffiti the entire city - inspiring commissioned art pieces would be fantastic.

Janelle \"Vain\" Venne,

it is better ART than you see in the art galleries
and it stops the 'tagging;'

Lloyd Canham,

as long as all artists from all areas get equal opportunity to express themselves, and it is not on someone's private property or swanky new fence, i have no problems! and this does NOT include shitty little tags :P


Melissa Grywalski,
Dont hide the citys culture and art.

No more grey ! Lets paint this town with vibrant colors !

....grey is so 2010

gareth jensen,
we need a counter culture movement which paints out council based signs, notices and landmarks.

Ratanui Fraser,
Free the walls and the minds will follow

Mo Lott,



No more gray walls. Murals for life

Daniel Murray,
I whole heartedly support the use of the public cityscape (with permission of course) as a potential canvas for modern art in any form, as long as it enhances the culture of the community it is displayed in. This most recent act by the council is, in my opinion, unwarranted.

Chip Matthews,

David Roper,

Luke Winslade,



Kirsten Torrance,

I thoroughly agree, we need to promote and support our creative culture, and allow a city that encorouges people to deliver their artwork what ever it may be, Auckland needs to change uts ways and open its way of thinking. We could all be living in a far richer more vibrant environment if only the council would allow it

John Breeden,

Rangi. C,
too much to say on this really. Colour > Grey

So nice to see the council appreciating freedom of speech, human rights & private property..... -_-

Calum Buchanan,


I loved taking photos of the street art- please don't paint over it!

Dylan Armishaw,

Amber Parkin,
There is nothing wrong with a community having a personality.

Jarrad Godman,
I had an email back from the Mayor who said this painting will be replaced.. they are going to get the same artist.

Kate McKessar,

Looks like the futures looking pretty Grey with Len brown as major

All City!!


Stacey Gambell,






Dylan Chase,

Inspired by what a (initiallygrudgingly) progressive council policy towards street art has achieved in Bristol, and could do in my hometown too.


Oliver Philpott,
so eloquently stated. You really can't debate this. I pushed a star - i hope the star makes it!

When I go to Auckland I visit the amazing street art such as this one. I hate that they wont be there.

no more grey walls!


save art.

Erin Farrow,

Ben Curran,

Shantele Gaines,

tom donnelly,

Nathan Cowie,
Keep the walls grey and the mind will follow.
We are so very fortunate to have artists like Askew making positive contributions to OUR community, we really do not need bureaucrats from the other side of town destroying and then desecrating our Taonga. The artwork that was destroyed in Poynton Terrace was created by our community for our community. Len Brown should issue a public apology on behalf of the city to Askew and to the people of Karangahape, and ensure that it is the people of Karangahape who have guardianship of our Taonga

Mike Cains,
Keep the walls grey and the mind will follow...

Jannine Healy,

Justin Moore,

Hayden Skelton,

Richard Nash,


Sally O\'Donnell,

sam emerson,
is this shade of grey acceptable?

Tim Checkley,

cracked ink,

Meghann Humphries,

let the world shine, who wants to stare at the grey dull world?



Joshua Wetere Paki,
This is social editing at its worst. One power group proclaiming to serve the public whilst dictating how they are best served.


Samuel Pillidge,


erik bratsberg,

no! nomoregreywalls!

good art is there to enjoy or to cause debate over what is bad art. Not to DESTROY!!!

What was the cost to rate payers to ruin a piece of art??
And if they really didn't consult the building owner then isn't it vandalism??

Brad Dudley,


The absence of color on walls = The absence of life


Look at Melbourne.... What a beautiful city full of awesome street art.

Jason klington,


ki kopkau,
Leave art alone.

We Have The Numbers. Lets Use Em.

Simon Grigg,
When will we, as a nation, ever learn.

Nicholson Dye,

Grace Maguire,
Askew keep up the amazing work!!

Jessica Thompson,

Billy McCarthy-Dowd,



The council should be charged with criminal damage


harri molloy,

katie penty,
the world needs more colour

I don't get why industrial gry is preferred to colur? Seriously, it looks awful.


Anna Mauger,

Venus Stephens,
Natural disasters both locally & globally are teaching our disengaged societies we must become conscious of our actions against each other & the planet. Art in its many forms acts as a carthartic vent of sorts amongst those who practise it...its practitioners are generally pretty chilled folk, they are in touch with their 'humanity. When our city scapes are used as canvas this bleeds a 'holistic' effect into the spaces it uses. Generally, the people who practise are the ones who are the first to stand up for human and global issues...HOW CAN WE LEARN EMPATHY and CARE as a GLOBAL COMMUNITY if we are restricted in our instincts to colour and change our environments for the better. PEOPLE NEED ART AROUND THEM, IT IS A TEACHER THAT REMINDS US HOW TO BE HUMAN.


tony church,
i don't heart grey

Alice Duncan-Gardiner,

Ben Sullivan,
The more art the better, this city is far too sterile. Cant get over the small thinking that cuased the K rd site to get painted over, ludicrous

Aimee Rensford,


Nga Remu,

Amanda Wood,
Please stop painting out the character of our city!


Martin Barry,

Alexis Sim,
I paint murals and have been paid by the council to paint murals. We need to support these legal walls and also local artists by inspiring kids and adults to be more creative, but also more active in our communities. Bringing all of us back to being neighbours.

Rich Mannsbirdge,



Grey is mundane and draining on the soul. Colour is lively and stimulates the mind. Let it live.

Tyler Carr,
A little color on some walls wont hurt!

For a country to take upon such harsh penalties such as 500 dollars for possesion of spray paint then for them to take away any options of doing it legit just leads to chaos like restrict kids place to skateboard leads to kids going do it it anyway or they quit all together to join a gang take up drugs many things because hey lets go skate isnt option same with painting

A real shame! Perhaps we need to get some more creative minds on our councils? Nice idea in theory I guess but I'm certainly not volunteering...

Jean-Luc Batchelor,
Keep walls colourful!

I am a very big fan of ironlak and buffing of a Public mural is wrong it brings life to a spot , without it just makes it boring art is life and without it there is nothing Art isnt vandalism it creates life as we know it


Trong Nguyen,
Colour the world!!!


stop grey walls and let graff artists have a chance at doing some legal

people love to see colour and art> less grey, less advertisements. its our space!

no more plain buffed walls

Caleb \"Air\'O\'Soul\" Broederlow,
Kia Ora, I'm street artist myself, I think once you take off the real art that has been put on these walls for a reason and make it blank, it then becomes a target for Graffiti writers to take over and destroy, Having street art on the walls prevents that from happening in future, therefore saving the government and councils a lot of money and ugly patchy walls. You could say its like fighting fire with fire, in this case, your fighting Unwanted Graffiti with Street Art. Also another thing with Street art is, it can uplift the spirit of the community and just simply brighten up cold looking walls with lively art making them a living, breathing gallery that's free for everybody to see and enjoy

Kia Kaha

Richie Setford,
We had a one mill photo shoot out front of that wall once - wouldn't have bothered if it was a boring old grey.

i may not live there, but it looks sick, so let it be.

Ray Zavesky,
Tired of being buffed out!!!

Nolan M. Ramanauskas,

Aaron Ball,
i honestly think that a brighter and modernly creative town is more appealing to the world, and the art form will only continue to grow

Hope Everythng goes through no love 4 painting that wall NO RIGHT 2 DO THAT 2 THE BRO ASKEW AND BERST BEHIND IT %120 BEHIND IT


conor patterson,

Peap Tarr,
The world needs Art especially in places where it is dull and lifeless , removing great works of art of the walls shows a lack of culture " No More Grey Walls"!!!

Brodie Cornelius,
A boring world indeed without art and the freedom to express yourself. Imagine painting the ceiling of the Sistine chapel grey. These same people who think the grey wall is better are also the same people who think sticking up an advertisement is ok because they got paid for it. I know what the majority would prefer to see.

Tony Rice,

Tesha Mahoney,
Our cities are so drab and depressing and seeing incredible work like this on the way to work makes everyone happy. No more grey walls!

Consensual colour!

Hennik Hassett,

Jono d,



Stop the Grey Mayor.

Jonathan de Alwis,

Down with Rob Shields!!

Big love for askew! Fuck the buff, especially when its some of the best graff in the world! Robbing the community of some beauty, straight up.

There is support for street art from multiple sectors of society. All the best with your efforts!

evi b.,
i understand if its gang related but if its good graff then leave it up. its art

New Zealand Is Producing Some Of The Best Street Artists In The World. Graffiti Is Not Hideous Whats Hideous Is The Mismatched Colours Of The Buff Around The Cities.


Joshua Gerbault,
time to move forward, let the people eat the cake they baked themselves.


Aerosol art promotes urban beautification and should be encouraged not kept hidden

Talia Brown,
Askew is an amazing artist. This is a ridiculous situation created by the council. To properly rectify the situation the council should pay for Askew to replace his mural - not others chosen by the man who removed it.


no grey! let us spray!

Elizabeth Morton,
"Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing.
And even if you don't come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can
make someone smile while they're having a piss." - Banksy

Cameron Compton,

I love street art when it's truly art and not senseless vandalism. Grey walls would diminish our city's character and is an insult to our talented artists.

fill the city with colour, art & culture, look at it with open minds.

Troy Symes,

Liam Doherty-Penzer,



For the cause, mos def

Keep Australia Colourful, Brightness and vast colours creates happier times and happier people!

Daniel Martin,
I believe in art, grey walls are nothing to believe in.

Chris zanko,
I travelled from Australia for the street art culire in New Zealand. Illegally removing such works deters myself and others from visiting the beautiful country that New Zealand is.

Lincoln Traes,
Only Young Once. Grey's not involved,rather be Bold


mike metz,

The grey walls are a symptom of a much larger issue. Yes Council is suppressing art at its most basic and vital level, but its not just art that is being suppressed: your democratic rights are. Free speech is one, but if you scratch beneath the surface you will find that Council's unelected operational staff, just like Rob Shield are stepping outside of their role to shape Our City into whatever their unsolicited, and unelected ideal is.

I recommend you listen to this interview to see how else the Auckland Council controls your right to express yourself:


should be encouraging expression in this form!

mitchell Balito,
i hate grey walls!!!

Natalie Russell,

Chris Moyce,

Sara Woodward,
YAY for colour and creativity!!

Phil Moar,
Well what looks better, grey walls? or beautiful art? or a billboard with tits on it that when paid for by a big corp is legal and hideous...

Jasper Middleton,
The council also loves seeing evidence that other cities adminstrators are able to approach street art a more proactively, so they can feel more comfortable that supporting 'graffiti' is not a radical move. I don't know if you have evidence of how places like Berlin or Paris or Melbourne work more inclusively with street artists but you should find out!

Jim McDiggly,

Love Graffiti! NO MORE GREY WALLS!!!

the world revolves around colour!

you could have the most amazing art up, or, grey walls that eventually get tagged up and look like shit anyway?

vinnie herbert,
soo angry at the fact there a legit pieces of art bieng removed from the city and having a blank wall bieng replaced shows len browns charachter he is, dull and boring...give auckland its urban identity it used to have.


Alec M,

There is a difference between grafitti art & senseless tagging..


Chris von Batenburg,

Leilani Thompson-Rikys,
I believe the Council has acted without regard for public art and street scape as a taonga of our communities. Your actions are prejudiced, irrational and amount to vandalism. Shame.

Danielle Foulkes,

Jodi Manukau,

Andy T,
Colour / Style / Art / Youth / Expression / Vitality / Creative / Contemporary

Alan Barnes,

Luke Carrington,
Within these last few months this new regime has systematically destroyed public art works older than Len Browns entire political career. Historical landmarks within an extremely vibrant subculture have been erased with minimal benefit for the general public. I wouldn't be surprised if this extreme clean up of the rail corridor led to even more suburban fence painting! "Grey Like Your Toupée"

The image of the art work being removed is sickening NO MORE GREY WALLS!!

Chris Macro,

I had the luck of living in Bristol for two years - that's a city that recognises the difference that urban art makes.


Paul Campbell,
That wall was always one of my favorites, lets keep the art!

Tomi Nordlund,

blank walls are boring


Rodi Kirk,
How is it possible in a city where there's so much diverse creative talent, we have the most unimaginative people making these decisions? I think that actions such as those taken by Rob Shields et al are symptoms of much wider problem that Auckland needs to address. These kafkaesque council 'solutions' are often more damaging than the original act, both culturally & financially.

Another issue to look into is just who is getting paid to buff these pieces & who is giving the orders. If there was a conflict of interest somewhere within this system it would not surprise me in the least.



this is kroad



Yes. I don' want my home being usurped by old men with their fingers up their asses

Grey's so industrial and boring, let artist express themselve 's and bring dull walls to life!!


Logan Duff,
The rose that crew out of concrete.

Allow artists to express themselves!

Quintyn Thiels,

Oliver Michael,

Andrew Steel,
Public space; for the public

Things as good as this work shouldnt be covered in a see of grey what is wrong with socitity these days.

Johnny Agetone,
You wouldn't paint your own house even a room grey because its boring and as for Melbourne, The same polly's that get their photo's taken in Hosier Lane are winning votes by admonishing this same ART form.

Fuck grey walls look depressing for our City!!!

Matthew Allott,

An Pham,

Gavin Pivott,

FUUUUUUCk the buff

dave digital,
the above pictures were a tragedy painting art like that should be illegal


Fou Sagaga,
The artform of Graff art shouldn't be condemned to walkways and alley ways... Express yourself

Colour the world!

graffitiarchiv berlin,

Grey is not a color...

Cam Hunt,

brent park,



Cities like Philadelphia get so much of who they are from the outdoor art on their city walls. We have the talent. Just not the politics.

The council painting over this artwork is rediculous!

Carl Dobson.,
Dont paint over murals with a coat of drab buff .

Lars Pedersen,

Andrey Bogdanov,
Murals are art and no bastard wearing a suit sitting in his damn office can judge it as vandalism!!!

Jonathan Rennie,
The revolution will not be televised, but our evolution will be written in multi-coloured spraypaint!

Krissy Moreau,

Steve Withers,
This was a bizarre and inappropriate intervention in a private arrangement between the owner and the artist.

Scott D. Burns,
Another council that needs to realize the positivity that these murals bring to the community.

Rebecca Wall,

Caleb Reid-Boquist,

frankie fresco,
A grey city is a dull city, with no culture and character.
What is left to promote your city to the rest of the world?
Times have changed, get with it.
Grey walls have proven to promote mor graffiti in the form of tags, keep the murals, save the 'maintenance' funds & spend it on something your people will TRULY benefit from.

Lindsay Tabas,
Differentiate your city don't conform it. Askew One's work is an asset not a nuisance.


Tarryn Bermingham,

Richard Kearney,


Public art makes any place more dynamic, thought-provoking and exciting. Painting over art serves no purpose other than to destroy. The council must recognise that, for Auckland to be a truly great city (as it has the potential to be), it is vital that all members of Auckland society must be allowed to express themselves freely.

Shana Cameron,
Grey walls will not deter anyone from having independent thoughts, creative expression, or a love of vibrant colour!!! Grey walls merely pose as a blank canvas and every effort to cover over street art is just more incentive to an aspiring street artist.

why do people prefer dull blank walls over professional art work that people such as askew pour their hearts into? Really, its a lack of respect on the council's behalf. Peace

Accept positive public expression!

Nicolas Leroy,

Do it!

It's like the buff do it just for the sake of it, to try and show their superiority for no good reason. I don't believe they can really suggest that a plain blank wall looks prettier than one filled with top notch graff. Buff stupid tags and throwups, but justifying a reason to buff a mural like this? Even if you don't like art, it's surely more aestetically pleasing than a drab, grey wall.

Sailor Swainston,
Let it live and die, eventually, but maybe not kill it

fuck the buff

Scott Kerr,



life is color, life is freedom, graffiti is the colorful memory of human kind, so graffiti is life! no more grey walls!

Dan O\'Brien,

hanssens nicolas,
Art must live in the street...
Art in the street makes people happy when they have something to look at!! not just some boaring grey wall...


i agree

Tyler Teran,
grey walls are ugly


Brett Blackman,
horrible to see such an iconic and inspiring wall wiped. No one wants to see the sea of grey auckland is becoming.

Sam Rothwell,
Gotta keep the culture alive!

Paint the wall grey and the mind will follow

Fuck the Buff


ellie munro,
let art live.

derek knox,

Isaac Aesili,
this wall was used as a location for my music video "im all in" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYxjSsBJryg i considered it an amazing piece of Auckland community art that was well loved and respected by locals and visitors. it will be sorely missed and the grey wall that is its replacement is another shameful ugly step in the wrong direction by Auckland City Council. Frankly because of things like this i am considering moving away from Auckland. I hope one day Auckland's leadership will make this city move forward but for now in many areas it is only going backward. Such a shame. Appalled and disgusted. Sincerely Isaac Aesili



Gabriel Poucher,


Benjamin Lazo,


Alex Gray,
Keep the art alive.


It's really stupid to buff people's hard work which by the way is a work of art !

I do legal walls all the time... i could never imagine this being taken away from me and everyone enjoying it

kate alexander,

James Gates,

Luke King,

nev il-pinto,
no more council gentrification please!

Ratha Sok,
Grey is depressing..

Tommy Flowers,
This is the death of culture. If I were to enter Auckland art gallery and paint over the paintings I would be labelled a criminal. These "grey painters" should suffer that same fate.


Sigurður Ýmir Kristjánsson,
Why waste money to paint over beautiful art that makes people smile? Grey walls wont make people smile.

no more grey walls, power to the artists!

Michael Duff,
I think you would struggle to find ANYONE who prefered a grey wall to a piece of art.

sam waters - walkabout,
I see beautiful murals all over the place n the goverment just come n paint over them with crappy green n grey. thats not on :(

Carlee Cowan,


Micah Miranda,
Grey walls breed apathy.



Good luck bro - this is truly and utterly disgusting that some people of the likes Rob Shields / Len Brown and their fellow people(s) are so close minded on colour or artistic vibrant walls.



Put an end to the almighty dull and boring buff

Lewis Billinghurst,

renee colquhoun,


Not only should there be more public space for art but also more funding and encouragement for those who produce it!!


I would like to see more quality graffiti art around Auckland, especially at Mt Eden station which is looking very grey at the moment.

Tamara Liebman,



Jamie Cross,
Aukland is rapidly becoming know as a world class city for urden art and it is a shame the the local council don't understand this , because they would be the first people to take credit for it

Chris Lewis,

All City!!!!

Too me, color is part of our modern world. Ads and commercial marketing are all over our streets. To me, a beautiful piece of work (such as this one) should be preserved. How much time did this artist take into making this piece, how long? To me, its a beautiful form of art and should be preserved.


Lui Tuiasau,

Ian Dalziel,
more programmes like Project Legit in Chch - people working together, not against each other across social and age spectrums...

Dean Minifie,

Darren Wood,
This is community art which adds a lot to our city. Grey is beige. Graffiti pieces like this are the new black.


Irene Wood,



Mitchell Carey,
There's no justice just us

Brooke Lloyd,

sean cameron,

Let the world be more beautiful place :}...forget your problems...when you walkin' down the street and you see some walls like this ,you can forget your problems and worries....stop killing the art!!!!!

stop it!

Nathaniel Hennessy,
the picture is so disappointing. you can see how much work and effort was put into it and you can imagine how much time it took to create such a beautiful piece of art, and it takes them a matter of minutes to cover it up and destroy it.


Sam Kline,


James Jackson,
NZ needs more vibrancy and color, help stop the depression of grey patches over great art.

Kris Bainbridge,
Absolute travesty that this stunning work (and others like it) are being removed, I really loved this piece and it fitted in with the neighbourhood perfectly.

No more sullen, blunt grey walls !



Alex Flannery is my brother. Just a cool little fact.

Ruben Young,
Beautification of our society should be placed in the hands of those who love expression, the artists that interact within the communities and not the policy makers who are supposed to represent The People. Remember them?


in what should be our biggest and brightest city, it seems the councillors would rather a lifeless wreck of a town that hates any alternative culture. i think back only a few weeks ago when laneway was shut down early by the fun police - and now this.

if young people don't take auckland back then noone will.


Tessa Stubbing,
A "genuine mistake" by the council should be genuinely rectified ie: the original artists should be left to their own devices to paint a new mural without censorship or direction from a council at fault.

art is art,


Mo Farrell,

Juan Jose Tellez,


Support this initiative


Fuck the Buff!

geoff lamb,

Anita Misa,

Jesse Geary,
Council fools!!!!!!

auckland needs colour

Richard McKenzie,
I support the beautification of Auckland through the addition of art to the walls.

I understand that councils have anti-graffiti policies but there is a clear difference between vandalism and art. Its clear to see that hours went into painting plus the costs involved too, so why buff over something amazing? I suggest save your paint and cover bombs and throwies not pieces of art.

Megan L,
That wall looks dumb with green paint on it.

Naomi Bisley,



Rachael Morris,

Willem Van Buskirk,

fuk the buff

Paul Shanta,
New Zealand is a bright, beautiful, lush country - Grey walls just dosn't seem to fit this culture. Lets take a leave out of Melbourne / Sydney streets and create legal walls for creative artists together. www.wix.com/shantastencils/1


Sean Wallace,

Anibal Rivera,

keep it legal let them paint

Jonah Gonzales,

keep the movement going.

Nancy Kaur,

How can the council really think that a grey wall is better than a master piece by askew and berst are they sooo stuck in their ways that have to make the city as grey and dull as there lives. Always making more problems than good.
Cheers, Kaser Cheky Abk Dubk Vip.

I like doing pieces more than bombs, so as an artist I hate the buff, but bombing is also fun as hell, so from a vandal point a view, the buff just lets me keep doing tags again and again in the same spot. Its up to the government, in one hand they have a bunch of throwies and hands which most people hate, in the other hand they got some nice pieces everywhere that people can digg, either way I'm still gonna do graff its up to them

Will Douglas,

Wilson Ku,
the streets belong to the people. Can't stop art!



Tom macdonald,
council - hypocrits



cheron arnaud,
more graffiti


alex eackone,
graffiti artist does it better

Robbie Hayles,
I've only ever heard positive comments regarding street art in wellington, from young and old. I'm not really sure who the govt is trying to impress or please by buffing walls.

Why Would you take away Someones amazing art. Dont they relize that if they take away legal grafitti, illegal grafitti will sky rocket!

Ryan Bond,

Grey walls are bland and boring much like many cities around the world, why are people so afraid of colour ?


mike chabot,


Hamish Guthrey,
Here's to the coming of DIY wall climbing graffiti robots.

Jessica Christini,
It's about time that people learnt the difference between art and general tagging.


Seb humphreys,
blank walls are criminal

Jay Herself,


sam burton,
grey bollocks

Jason Duncan,
Mr Brown,

I saw in the news the outrageous act by Auckland City Council.

Please see below:


This artwork is a world class example of urban art that has been destroyed without permission. I believe the person who authorized this illegal action need to be disciplined immediately. I also believe the council must have the work replaced by the artists concerned as it truly adds to the vibrant culture here in Auckland.

This is in-excusable behavior by people in the council who are supposed to be working FOR the people of Auckland, NOT AGAINST THEM, and certainly NOT BEHIND THEIR BACKS!!!

I would hope you will make sure this is dealt with accordingly.

Thank you.

Felix Hinojosa,
Graffiti 4 LIFEE


Cyrus Coleman,
I shouldn't have to be doing this... what a ridiculous law


if the walls are comissioned they should be respected, and they are no longer "graffiti" per say, they are now art and art is a freedom of expression

Richard Langdon,

Jonathan Blaine,

go home len brown.

Graffiti Art is the one thing I know that can cross all barriers eg. age, sex, race, socio-economic background, religion that are in place to divide the community. Its free to enjoy and it isn't trying to sell you something.
Councils need to remember that they are in place to service the community and so its time they start to do what they are paid for and listen to their employers, the people.
We are the people.



Stewart Knapman,


street art and graffiti is the newest movement in art which stands to rebel against the minority and rules of gallery's as well as make the grey urban society's beautiful, i stand against the council in its act of destroying such a beautiful form of expression. anyway wall;s have always been the place to exhibit art

Leah Cuppels,

Blank walls encourage vandalism, whereas walls which are commissioned to be painted by experienced artists deter vandalism on surfaces that are bound to be vandalised in inner-city areas - thus contributing to the destabilisation of community safety. Please reconsider your decision :)


moooooooore COLOR!!!!!!

People complaining in the media all the time about illegal graffiti. Artists source walls legally and still get having to face the buff....

I like art.

Amo Paitai,

If anybody, than TMD deserves good walls!

Jasper Killick,
No More Grey Walls!

blair ma`re,
i surport this 100% i think it is such a shame that people in this city think they have the rite to erase ones creative art and replace it with grey, i for one gringe at tha thought of such a thought! colour and art is wat makes tha world a beter place to live in!good on you askew some one needs to make a stand!

Matt Thompson,
I've visited Auckland a number of times and the K-Road area has a very unique character. A strong part of this is the art that can be viewed - This particular wall was a clear example of this. I remember this wall extremely well. I had seen flicks but was really happy to see it up close. A real shame to see that not only has this work been removed but that the artist's involved are having to fight to simply put up something new... out of their own pocket no less.

Tare Styles,
Color man, color...! get your head out of your ass....

Anthea Whittle,


louise ashford,

Alex Ryrie,

I agree this action, No More Grey Walls

Keep it real council people, some of us actually like color #justsayin'

Cecil Byles,

Ollie Cern,
Please lets these artists beautify our city - have you seen how grey it already looks? Shameful


Bradley Morrison,
It seems a shame that it has to come to this. Good luck!

maryos syawish,


Grégoire Cheynier,

Totally Agree, grey walls makes the city sad and boring

Andreas Luigas,

luke cornish,

Mascha Evanson,

Rasmus Sõnajalg,
f the buff


jozo jozo,
grey walls suck.


Jovany Pino,
Let us express amongst the world we INVEST

carson deyoung,

Timothy Haman,
The city of Dumbver CO. did this right before the DNC a couple of years ago. Painted over a lot of commisioned walls and claimed it was for the image of the city.

Short-sighted action will have far-reaching effects on the local economy. Do you want Auckland to be a cultural and creative hub - or an almost-ran provincial backwater, a giant conglomeration of suburbs with no heart or soul? The people who will add most to the so-called "knowledge economy" will be even more incensed to leave if Auckland's urban environment continues to be degraded, blandified, and corporatized.

Just a thought.

One love! Yo!

ARLAUD Malcolm,

Cristian Diamante,
We have to organize us against the grey sistem.
Grey city, black future.


Twenty-Three: Kaee

Noah Banks,
Public Space is for Public use.

Josh Maitner,
Colorful walls are way better than plain walls!

graffiti is freedom, however people getting annoyed about it being done without permission is inevitable. But the council painting down commissioned work on private property is the exact same as doing illegal graffiti. Hypocrites

jeff jefferson,

James Hardwidge,

grey walls makes toys have more spots.


Public art as well produced as ASKEW should not be shamed over the cleanliness of a city's plain wall. The fact that it is a public space means that the public should enjoy it and own it, not the government we pay to uphold it. The art acts as a binding between people for the simple fact that it brings people of every nature together through beauty and expression through which we all relate as humans. Simply because you can erase the art does not mean it should be as I have felt many plays and musicals should have been wiped from existance yet I cannot follow through with a paint can and roller to delete it from history.

Nicolas LOUIS,
color is life, killing the colors you're killing life...

Christopher Dempsey,

Jose Sandoval,

Pay 2 COD,

Art brings colour into peoples lives and educates them. Grey walls makes a city uniformed and boring! There is enough concrete in cities without increasing the dullness of a city further with grey paint!

Jared Miller,
Public places are for the people (including those who want to draw on them).

Go on..!

Chris Johnsson,
No need to cover art and design (paint) with boring grey paint.

Sian Davis,
Let art regain the street!

Brendon Ryniker,

Keelan Bowkett,


Len Brown should leave our street art alone.

Gene Harris,
I've just returned from Rio De Janiero where culture and artwork is celebrated on the walls of the streets. Beautiful works of art and colour representing the vibrance and way of life of the people of Rio. It saddens me everytime I see works of art covered by dull, lifeless grey voids in Auckland City. Many artists use the work to springboard careers in auckland....why not give them selected canvas in the city of Auckland and let visitors from around the world see how creative and beautiful New Zealand Culture is?

Len Brown don't cover up our modern culture with grey paint!!!


Gene Harris





When I travel the world I'm always jealous of the epic creative work I see on city walls, especially Germany, its always draining coming back to Aucklands greyness. Good luck with the petition, will blog and spread the word to the endemicworld.com fans too, they'll be supportive for sure.

Henry Bennett,
Our streets are boring, we need to bring some life and character into them!

Aurelie Rivalant,
Real street art is something to be proud of. It's something that makes walking down the street a real experience, and it's something that tourists appreciate.
If every wall was covered in art, we wouldn't have such a problem with taggers and scum that spray their ugly names all over the city.
However, I do like some illegal art... the only thing that makes catching the train in Auckland's fucked public transport system is the view - so colourful!



Miriam Pierard,
Keep the walls grey and the minds will follow...

Janet McAllister,

Damir Segon,
Choose colorfull life above grey numbness

brighten up your lives people!

Mair Ahmad,

Sam Finnemore,

Lui Tuiasau,

Do not remove the "art" pieces. If it looks like some 12 year old kid has scribbled on the wall, I think you are doing us all a favor if you remove those.
Just because NZ is small dosen't mean we have to be boring and plain. Give our country some colour and personality to showcase to the world.

We want colours in this gray city.

manny sayes,

Zach Shortley,


freedom to talk

fuck the buff, no more grey walls!!!

Grey walls suck.

Kent Findlay,

This is an empowering idea if the communities are given the space to be a part of this dialogue and the painting process.

Jonathan Case McQuillan,

Stop the Gray


Luke Coles,


alexandru muresan,
street graff art ftw!

Mary Holmes,
Not everyone can afford to go to an art gallery, or have their work displayed there.

Drea van der Meel,


Babz Jenner,
Its beautiful urban art, why cover it up? It gives Auckland character and its not hurting anyone. Im sure 9/10 anyone walking past would smile at it in appreciation.


Waiata Evans,

tom scott,
our city has a personality.

Eric Orr,

Ryan Bowen,
Askew and TMD crew have been a huge inspiration to me over the years, even though they're located on the other side of the world. - Rybo AB SEVS

Suzi (gyp_sy) Marsh,
Graffiti is an incredible art form that is developing in the most amazing, unique way in NZ. What happened for ASKEW1 is foul censorship bred by ignorance & stupidity. I'm saying NO to grey walls & YES for freedom of artistry & development of graff in our land.

Emma Walter,


Charles Don,

Let our city be vibrant and full of colour!! Don't let it be stale and bland.... what happened here is a total injustice and we stand against it as people of this city. Peace. x

Carlo Oliva,


Courtney Noel Simms,


Daria Williamson,
No more grey! Gimme colour and lots of it!

mike carter,
there legal walls for a reason, so they can keep there paintings on it

Keep the colour - burn their buffs I say - its a dull world with out our colour schemes –
This is what inspires the young writers to write, to many grey walls leads to, too many lifeless lives among the sheep like society we live – Keep burning the buffs!



Removing this art is like putting a gag on the community and artist, these are valid voices and emerging ideas that need to be seen, heard, and heeded.

lui muda phucken cee,
say no to grey walls alright ! aucklands got a colourful ethnic population so why can't parts of auckland be as colourful? come on Len Brown, more skateparks and more colourful walls please! and they wonder why little kids turn to crime, because there's nothing for them to do!

Jeremy Gaschk,
Kids need to see colour and style. Not tagged trashed walls!

Josh Twaddle,
It is criminal to see artwork of this quality being destroyed.

Vicki McWatt,
I work just across the road from Poynton Tce and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what they had done... The council are definitely making some ridiculous decisions.. like distributing extra plastic rubbish bags with flowers on them , to put your red plastic rubbish bags into so that it will look "prettier" when they are put out on footpath for collection....maybe they should have made them GREY...

Kaitlin MiHell,


Who decides what is art? Art in public places should be for the people, chosen by the people. Not just decided by the bigwigs or the rich.

Keight Watson,
we were told since we were kids by the program rainbow to paint the whole world with a rainbow - ain't no Grey in a rainbow

Kevin Soto,
The world definitely needs some color

Agree wholeheartedly. Council could have pretty much stayed out of this one

At worst the guys in the second pic have put up a nice base colour to start afresh.. this pow should be up at leaaast a month!


Jack Hodges,
Art over a grey wall anyday. Good way to make the city a happy place!!

michaela Des forges,
graffiti is good


I think grey walls are depressing! Graf Artists can make a positive contribution to the not so pretty areas .. and educate those who just tag. Notice you dont get much/any tagging on some good graffiti art.. Bless Up!! Goodluck from B Unit out West

they should stop color television too!

carl ingram,

Becky Hunt,
A lot of talent and hard work went into that wall. Took a few suits with money and a pen to take it away. Nobody likes you and your grey walls, go buy some talent


andy lusk,

Jordan Crawford,

Ken Sparks,

Andrew Isidoro,

Yo Goodluck!

color brings life.


Auckland needs a lot more colour hopefully this helps considerably

legalize art!


Let there be color.

Julian R,

Dean Ock,
Buckets of grey paint are destroying Aucklands history and color.



Laser 389,



Tim Evans,
I'm not sure who decided that grey walls look nicer than murals by New Zealand's best artists, but they were wrong!

The buff is getting rediculous, tourists from the world cup would rather see vibrant art then boring-ass different shades of grey patches not painted properly walls! pretty sickening, pure dullness. Shit son. Long live the movement

Legalize it

Troy White,
WTF. Ahwell atleast there will be fresh room for all the toys to scrawl their crappy tags on. Nice work council.



andrew wood,





Grey walls for a grey life

Julia Wehner,
I hope this raises awareness in people who have walls suitable for street art to feel more comfortable in allowing them to be 'done up'.... Real eye-sores like SoHoLE in Ponsonby should be sorted out before any colourful wall!!

Just no more grey walls please. We want art everywhere, not nowhere. Thanks.

Jon Turner,



Peter Hay,

jim liew,

Keenan Smith,

Daniel Barritt,

Sam Burns,
What the hell are you thinking "Council". Try speaking maybe to the owner of the building or even better the Artist. Just think about it.
Just think about it next time a piece of Auckland is wiped of the map?

Don Qui,


id rather see graffiti(ART) then a plain grey wall on my streets..

Kath Knight,


amanda mann,
Auckland has an opportunity here to be very progressive and artistically profound!

Letari Paku,
I believe that graffiti beautifies the place and gives life and colour to our land. We might even see the day that this country is known for being grey rather than green if these incidents keep occuring



mitch b,
burnin colors in a grey world!

no more boarders, no more grey walls!!

Lorenzo Rams,

more colour

Culture doesn't come from Council

Nothing great was ever achieved out of conformity.................


Ben Tan,
Let the streets speak.

Debra Lockie,

Grey walls is a thing of the past. graffiti is the pureness

Mike Barrett,

tisk tisk Rob o'Cop

Grey is gay!


Slavenka Misa,
We need our lively walls.

Genista Jurgens,
The streets are ours!

Michael Morrison,
Officer, I'd like to report some mindless vandalism. Poynton Tce, a Mr Shields brazenly painted all over a wall, single colour, definitely no artistic value. Can you please let me know what punishment is meted out to taggers/vandals such as Mr Shields? Also, bad spelling of his name indicates lack of education - he spelt it G R E Y


Aj Clark,



Matthew Riddell,

Aaron Wallace,
I completely agree with what ASKEW and company are trying to do with the livelyhood of the community of New Zealand, and I can only hope the same change will take foot in my hometown as well.

Jenny Pearce,
If you allow people to graffiti then it will stop the problem of people writing swearwords etc as people will be more competitive over space. Also it adds to the tourism levels, for example look at Bristol. Also, it can be a way to comment on current issues, and gets a larger variety of people interested on what is going on, i.e teenagers who find the news boring.

Luca Bruns,


Josephine Barnes,
Graf art is a positive thing, long may it live on the walls of our city streets...

Jennifer Stewart,

I spit on rob shields. He doesn't deserve capital letters either.



John Hamilton,
spray is better than grey anyday!


Alex Thornton,


Caleb Cannon,
graffiti is more that just a crime its an art. dont knock it till you try it and know what us graffiti writers live every day!

Bettina Fratucelli,
Just about anything is better than a gray wall

Nick Hankey,

No more grey walls!


kym nikora,
shed some coloure to the comunity

graffiti is beautiful whether you like it or not.

give us back the streets!

Olivia Coote,
Totally behind this.

Sober DMK,
the streets is ours

vinnie vivace,
never happier than the day i found my office building had been giving some component love... chur.


Tobias Alexander,

beauty is relevant, may each express their views

Thomas Cumming,
Keen as. Good luck

Ellie Miller,

Olivia Tong,


Carlin Hill,
keep the walls grey and the mind will follow.

Street Art should be celebrated - it celebrates the culture + vibe of the city! Also, that bomb that used to be Pitt St was brilliant, and absolutely suited the arts scene happening on Krd, and had been up, altered and added to for YEARS. That grey looks pathetic and sad in comparison.


hadley donaldson,

fuck the corrupt, close-minded fucks, don't let them win


Dana Moran,
Classy street art makes the wander home a bit more interesting !




Askew any many other artists make these walls into visual stimuli. Humans need to interact with there environment and and take notice the talents that are displayed in mural work and other public creations. This wall, when not painted tends to be a barrier and restricts sight. The art works give life and we no longer just hurry to bypass. I really don't know of many people to stare and appreciate empty space unless they are about to use it for beauty. I do know that most people respond positive when place in a beautiful surrounding.


Chris Brown,
Good stuff.

Kayla Oliver,

Cherie Stevenson,
Colour our world!

Nicholas Cindric,
Stop censoring Art. The people's tax dollars should be used for responsible acts, not the destruction of creativity.

Catherine g,


Christie Wright,

fuckthe buff!

Mike Norman,
keep it legal!

Rob Wainhouse,

Andrew Smith,


Daniel Harvey,
People need to know that the difference between painting a beautiful piece or a stencil and tagging on someones door/letterbox etc is like picking up a rugby ball & throwing it at someones face, or taking years to perfect your skill and become an allblack.. also people need to know that people have been writing on walls since cave days, wether for art or for self expression its a natural thing to do so, its only the drone brainwashed masses who think otherwise, ofcourse theres a difference between "art" and merely mindlessly vandalising something, but the "solution" ie the great grey scourge is so much more insidious and looks far worse than what the contractors were paid for to cover up in the 1st place. And herein lies the reason why Graffiti supposedly costs communities so much, because there is a self serving industry charging us and profiting from a "problem" that only really exists as a problem because of narrow minds and the self serving nature of the graffiti industry, the money spent would be far better used and much cheaper (indeed free) in letting artists graffiti/street/stencil etc just do their thing and inspiring and empowering others to do the same. its our community, we have a right to make it vibrant and colourful and full of life.

Deborah Burge,
Politicians who soapbox for empty walls show empty minds; This is what I stand for I painted over a mural on this wall.
-and how is THAT not tagging by the politician?



Colour! Art! Please!

We need street art in our cities, and I don't mean tagging. I mean having street artists and cities counsels come together, creating projects that brings a happy result for both sides.

Homer Niu,
We should be free to express ourselves. This is also the case for my country. No to grey walls.



Vanessa Gonzales,

It's a huge disappointment to see where graffiti has evolved to and how legislation and cities across the board are disrespecting hard-work, time and MONEY that us artists, writers & muralists do to beautify our cities. Bad enough in this situation that the city council did not take into account the building owner had rights over them in deciding the fate of the wall. I've followed AskewOne for many years since starting graffiti and not only is he an influence in the work I do today, but he is one of the top, prolific artist's in the entire world. It's a disgrace it has to get to this point for a petition to be signed, but unfortunately government wastes money of buff instead of putting in towards what the main focus should be.

Samara Lucich,
I am, like most people, a fan of street art. But to put it in terms legally. The mural in the photo above was painted over time with consent of the land lords. Without permission, the mural was painted grey. That is Vandalism, practice what you preach or don't preach at all.

Hemish Gupta,


Gareth McKenzie,
Stop the mindless gray walls


brandon carroll,
100% behind this, a piece of art, even a tagged wall looks better than a coating... And even more when done legally.

Bring the color

blank walls suck, put color in peoples lives!


Street art is definately a much better option than grey walls. Grey primer is so depressing...




George Shaw,


Shane Caldwell,


Jonny Waters,

Adam Wouldes,

Paul Sutherland,


Kamil Bryniak,
Stop doing this! More colors, less gray !!!


Michelle V,

Cassidy Eckhardt,

Stephanie Ruban,
Support Street Art or go home!

Elise Sterback,

Pieces like these give the cities fantastic visuals and a great story. grey walls would just bring the soul of the city down, and it is just an eyesore. just my 2 cents.

Graffiti is a contentious issue for many urban residents and ratepayers. It will cost the new Auckland Council in excess of NZ million dollars to deal with this year and recent studies have shown that one in five urban school children admit to dabbling in it. Meanwhile, it is used and promoted by corporations and the media to attract youth. Graffiti is a symbol of urban youth culture, and a recent exhibition of New Zealand graffiti artist, Sparrow Phillips, was one of the most popular exhibitions at the Auckland City Art Gallery. Globally, graffiti art is becoming recognised as a legitimate art form, one that commands an expanding audience that has no defined demographic specific to race, age or gender. Despite all this, there is no central agency in New Zealand that gathers statistics on graffiti. Graffiti art plays an important role in defining, nourishing and promoting youth culture. Exhibitions at galleries attract large audiences and for a lucky few, financial gains. Graffiti art also rewards youth with strong non-monetary benefits. Firstly, recognition by peers within the writing community is hugely important. “The feeling of belonging is supported by Ferrell’s (1995) work in Colorado in the U.S., which noted social cohesion between disaffected youth who connect with each other through the activity of writing Increasingly the ability to ‘legitimately’ (that is, legally) leave one’s mark is becoming directly related to one’s capacity to buy or rent space. With space becoming less about the corporeal bodies that move through it and more about the corporate images that occupy or hold it, it should come as little surprise that graffiti is usually seen as “outside” or “beyond” the limits of “proper” expression

Ryan Pixler,

Jerry Kraaijeveld,
even tags are better then a grey wall

Jasmine Hunter,

Adi Dick,
It's very sad when world class artists like Askew are treated with the disrespect of being painted over, especially when they had consent to create such murals. It takes years to master this art form and only minutes to cover it over with sad old grey. When are people going to understand that graffiti is modern art and it's here to stay.

Ian Fish,

Martin Mitts,

It makes walking around auckland alot more enjoyable. seeing the same shit everyday is boring. seeing the out of the ordinary is great. how would the council feel if sculptures were dozed down.

Ben Go,

also legalize weed

Bryce Hooper,
there are 256 gray tones in an RGB grayscale... if the council wants gray, they will get gray! the funky monkeys is coming! EEH EEH EEH EEH EEH!!

jake meeks,

Laurent Lainez,


todd barker,
keep the walls blank and the mind will follow. All for the colour!

Laura Drew,

Janelle Baptist,

Olivia Young,

Given that Askew essentially had permission, tacit as it was, I believe the council engaged in the act of "graffiti" by putting up a large grey block illegally and without permission, willfully damaging a community-appreciated artwork in the process. As such, I believe they should be prosecuted under their own "zero-tolerance" laws. Might be worth looking into, if just for the publicity it would generate even if you stopped just short of going to court.

free the walls, yo.

Serve the servants/oh no/serve the servants/oh no

So freaking glad to find this petition........grey paint is one of the most offensive things in NZ right now

Louise Kacer,

Michael Dodd,


Keep Auckland bangin bright coloured walls, Why have plain walls when you can have the dopest artwork on them?

Great petition! Let our voice be heard! Give Creativity back to the nation! - Ying

Douglas Stichbury,

Michael Robinson,


Matt McCartney,
These idiots need to stop with taking down amazing pieces of artwork down. How come I have to see giant billboards and advertisements all over the city of shit that looks horrible? Why are we forced to see that but amazing artwork gets taken down? The government shouldn't have that right.

F$cK Th3 BuFf




Norberto Infante,
graffiti is art!


Lee Hales,

Art is freedom

Let's live in a more creative/colorful city, and be inspired by it.


Jared Wright,


Sam Bristow,
An iconic and vibrant part of my city is now gone. :-(

Nathaiel miller,
i wanna see art !

Pip Mac Eochaidh,
Beauty, is born as a protest

Stop ruining street artists works!

Jason Keyworth,


trey ridley,

Sam Thurtle,

nic falconer,


I simply struggle to see how a grey wall is beautiful. I struggle to see any merit in something so bland and inexpressive. I cringe when another piece of art is removed for no reason. An empty space is not superior to an artistic one.



Absolutely agree with this.

Harriet St George,
Your work is amazing!! I'm sick of this concrete jungle. Colouring the streets legally will attract people, people like colour! plus it's awesome! I'm going bush if this is how the council are going to act.

Leyla Hutchison,








Russell Pedersen,
I'm an artist who in recent years has gotten into graff art, I'd love to know what walls are available for artists to use. Registering and "tag" proofing artworks is a good idea! Rock on CC!



annika dawkins,

Callum Bathgate,
Its very difficult for a (graffiti) artist to find a legal way of working. Why should the government illegaly go against these efforts?

Cathy Scott,


Jody Burchall,


Logan Perkinson,
"Paint the wall grey and the mind will follow."

"Grey's the way!" they say but i say not!!...."SMOTHER THEM WITH COLOR! LET THE MOTHER OF ALL COLOR SHINE THRU OUR CITYS!!"

I am here on vacation and have been trying to find some painted walls for photos and it is a very hard task. Let's get some art going!


Anita Gutschlag,
I would hate to live in a city without graffiti :)






Nick Colbaugh,
I paint because art is a doorway to express oneself and should not be hindered by people whos views are color blind. I'll paint the streets every color of the rainbow and before it fades I'll paint a piece devoid of negative retrospect.

Jay Stach,
Dear fellow street artists,

You're awesome.

with love,

Werks One,

Let the graffiti artists use what the city doesn't.
Graffiti control has gone mad.
I would like to see the amount spent by tax payers.
Artistic expression should not be a crime.
Let the artist's of the city use what is loved by them and not others.

Thank you.


Alex Ozimek,

Solid colors are boring, especially Grey.

Michael Paguay,


Zoe Hoeberigs,


Bill Bach,


bring color to the city!

Art and freedom of expression vs. vandalism and graffiti. There's a difference.


Renee Pennington,

Let there be colour

Danielle Diamond,

This was an amazing piece by two guys that I look up to as artists, this was a work of art and now it's a bland wall and to think that the council broke their own laws painting over it . .



Satpal Singh,

Daniel Preston-Jones,

Matthew Shadrick,

its a no brain er would you rather see art or tagging...i would have art any day.

Mason Stephens,

Dull ass city now. feaggets

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Sam Carey,

Scott Olds,


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Why not make a plain, lifeless wall into a masterpiece?? there are so many talented designers/artists who communicate good messages through their work... we should make the most of them!

Littlefoot thee great,
This method doesn't stop graffiti, it just makes it uglier because ya gotta do it quicker!

emma liptrott,

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