Analogue Alluminations | Cut Collective

24 August 2011

Cut Collective has embarked on collaborative project with Yoobee to develop a series of works that look to explore the ground between analogue knowledge and technological applications.

It is a project that is process driven with exploration and experimentation at it’s center, and as such they will be documenting and sharing the journey in live updates as it unfolds.

Cut Collective are known for keeping their hand directly and initimately involved in their art making. Be it screenprinting, sculpture or stencil work, there is a direct authorship which see’s them employ their hand where others may use machines.

It is this aspect of their practice that they aim to bring to the table in partnership with Yoobee, a company founded in technology and conversant in the ever-developing digital world. Trading off their partners strengths the Cut Collective hope to bring a new dimension to their works which be displayed for the first time at We Can Create.

YOOBEE x Cut Collective from Jamie Yang on Vimeo.

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