YOK | Artist Interview

30 June 2010

For some years now, the droopy eyes and twisted moustaches of Yok’s black-lined characters have been staring aimlessly from Melbourne alleyways, zines and gallery walls. They seem to go sleepily about their business like everyone else, either happy or resigned to a life they didn’t choose. Yok currently works from a home studio in Perth and has exhibited in Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei. He also edits the independent art periodical King Brown.

MY ART ISN’T… Sharp, I like loose wonky lines, curves and wobbly parts.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE ARE… For inspiration it’s usually a plane ticket to an interesting location, or a bike ride into town. For the making of images it’s acrylic paint, spray paint, shellac based inks, silk screens, Sumi Ink, pens, HB pencils, erasers, brushes, markers and laptop, scanner, Photoshop.

WHERE I LIVE NOW IS… In sunny Perth, it’s famous for being one of the most isolated cities in the world, which means you can always find a spot on the beach to yourself. There is a creative vibe in this city and a lot of talented artists are doing their thing.

WHERE I WAS BEFORE… Bangkok. I was living and working there for a year and a half, and painting most Sundays with four local artists. Hanging out with local guys, going to their houses and parties and eating noodles on the side of the road gave me a great insight into the Thai culture. An experience I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten if I was just there as a tourist.

AUSTRALIA SHOULD... Be more accepting.

NEW ZEALAND IS… Fantastic.

KINGBROWN WILL… Be having an exhibition at the end of June. www.kingbrownmag.com

WHEN I WAS YOUNG I… Would build elaborate jumps to attack with my BMX.

THE MOST IMPORTANT… Thing is being good to people and doing the right thing by them, looking out for your friends and fellow humans.

WHEN I DAYDREAM I… Think about what it would be like to live in a tree house.

I LOVE… Super, good, aromatic, futuristic quality coffee, imagination, old circus fonts, beards.

I HATE… Pretentiousness, small dogs with little jackets and french names, the wrong wind.

THE WORLD RIGHT NOW… Is in denial.

IF HAD IT MY WAY I WOULD… Make more animals; just invent my own species of animal with great colour schemes and special powers, like being able to do your tax and making good coffee.

THE BEST PLACE I… Like to travel to is somewhere I haven’t been yet.

OLEX IS… The name of my new tax form filling animals.


DON’T TRUST… People with moustaches.

SOME PEOPLE… Are attractive.

THE BEST ADVICE… Is to stay positive, keep your head up, if you fail try again. Do your homework and practice.

EVERY DAY I… Use the internet.

TREASURE… Your talents.


So, what do you think about all this?